Prep requirements, for best results!

  • Please square up your quilt back. The quilt back needs to be a total of 8” longer and 8” wider than the quilt top.

  • The quilt top and back need to be pressed.

  • Trim any loose thread on the back of your quilt top, especially if they are dark threads that will show through lighter colored fabrics.

  • Batting is your choice and needs to be the same size as the quilt back.

  • I will return any scrap materials to you.

I am currently accepting Edge to Edge projects only.


  • I charge 2.5 cents per square inch.

  • To figure how many square inches you have take the length of your quilt top and multiply it by the width of the quilt top. For example, a quilt top measuring 45 X 60 is 2700 square inches. 2700 X .025 = $67.50.


I carry a large selection of both Omni Thread by Superior Thread and Glide by Fil-Tec. There is always a perfect choice of thread.